Funeral Urn Transport

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This part of the site is dedicated exclusively to funeral agencies who wish to send the urn with ashes anywhere in the world. The content of the message is received by a courier at the airport of departure closest to you.

The form must be filled in in all its sections with true information, otherwise it will not be taken into account. Completion of the form is not absolutely mandatory for any party. The transport agencies at the airport of departure receive data only in order to be able to evaluate and guarantee an organizationally accurate response for the requested service.
If the form received does not contain true information, it will be automatically deleted from our systems by the end of the working day and you will not receive any reply in your mailbox.

The way we present our services on our website is fully comprehensible and easily accessible even for people who are not very familiar with using the internet. But if you happen to be looking for an answer to a question or want business information that is not on the site, it is best to send us an email from the Customer Service page of the site. It will be our concern to contact
you to answer any questions.

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